Save Money and Energy with ADRES Modular Wireless Controls!

Finally a Simple to Install and Operate Solution!


Complete packaged wireless building automation solution with Internet web browser control, monitoring and trending for the restaurant owner with single or multiple stores.   

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Government Buildings

Police Stations, Fire Stations, Library, Park and Recreation Buildings can be easily retrofitted with our ADRES controls for HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and process control. 

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No control over the temporary modular classrooms, ADRES the opporunity with a "bolt-on" wireless control system that can be expanded to exactly match your number of modular classrooms. 

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Small Office and Retail

 Small office and retail store owners or tenants now have a modular wireless building automation control system available to generate energy and demand response monthly savings.

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Improve Store Comfort and Reduce Operating Costs!

See how our inexpensive integrated controls are the right choice for your business. The preconfigured and easy to install wireless controllers are simple to operate and enable you to reduce energy consumption, participate in utility demand reduction and lower your operating costs!

Take control over your heating, air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration and other building systems.

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Eliminate thermostat abuse and get control over your store temperatures. Run an optimum time / temperature schedule to provide comfort for your customers during store operating hours and efficient setback temperatures during night and unoccupied times. Remove the thermostat lock boxes, and limited temperature overrides can be provided using the room temperature sensor available to store employees.

We've listened to our installing contractors and end customers to balance programmed temperature control with appropriate override conditions. California Title 24 compliant.

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Create the ambiance and appeal with lighting controls you are looking for at an affordable price. Our wireless lighting controller can control all indoor lighting systems including those with daylight dimming, motion and occupancy control. Replace those time clocks and photocells that need attention to change store hours of operation and bring on some or all based on time of day and store hours of operation. Independtly control your signage, parking lot and security lighting systems and receive alarms for low or no light levels or system failures.

There are individual ADRES controllers that you can add to your system as you expand.

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Expand your ADRES controls to control, monitor and alarm freezer and cooler refrigeration systems. Independently receive alarm messages 24/7/365 to eliminate loss of inventory. Provide historical reporting of freezer and cooler temperatures for enhanced quality control.  


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Deploy intelligent submetering to record, trend and report energy consumption within each store. Our controllers all have built-in measurement and verification reporting to capture energy savings and demand reduction. .  Sub-metering of electricity, natural gas, propane, water and other commodities to trend your conservation.

Our embedded measurement and verification can be used for your utility rebate programs.

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ADRES Web Browser Software Benefits

Save time, money, and energy controlling and monitoring your buildings through our web portal. 

  • Access single or multiple buildings real time.
  • Configure time/temperature and time/light schedules.
  • Configure vacation schedules.
  • Participate in utility rebate programs.
  • Participate in utility auto demand response programs.
  • Trend historical data.
  • Use our integrated measurement and verification reporting to trend savings and building performance.

ADRES Controllers are the fourth generation hardware platform with our exclusive embedded private cellular communication network.

Listening to our end clients and contractors, we have completely embedded all communications and further streamlined the modular installation. The ADRES operates on a embedded secure and encripted cellular communication link not accessible to the public Interet without credentials. This keeps your building automation controls completely separate from your corporate IT!

We have spent years refining and designing this control system architecture so that you have the best possible state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Please identify your building types and determine which operating and energy costs the ADRES system can save for you.