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ADRES Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ADRES Solution applicable to your store or building type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, What type of building or store is applicable to the ADRES Solution?
  2. Question 2, How do I communicate with the ADRES System?
  3. Question 3, How secure is the ADRES communications and can it be hacked?
  4. Question 4, What is the typical cost of the ADRES Solution
  5. Question 5, Does the ADRES Solution meet the future building code requirements?
  6. Question 6, Does the ADRES Solution qualify for Utility rebates and incentives?

Answer 1:

The ADRES Control Solution is applicable to buildings and facilities that have one or more "rooftop" heating and air conditioning system, lighting or refrigeration systems. Checkout the Building Applications selection from our main website menu to view just a few of the typical applications.

Answer 2:

The ADRES Solution is a complete end-to-end solutions. The exclusive ADRES communication network. Access to the ADRES System can be accomplished using any PC Computer, smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection.

Answer 3:

The ADRES Solution is a complete end-to-end solutions. The front end "Servers" and software communicate to each ADRES controller using the exclusive ADRES communication network. The ADRES Communication Network utilizes a Private and secure and encripted cellular wireless communication link. It does not interfere or connect to the end cusomter's corporate or store Internet or IT equipment in any way! All Internet Addressing is done on a "Private IP basis" and all communication is encripted.

Answer 4:

The typical cost of the ADRES system will provide a three year verifiable payback on a 5-ton HVAC unit without Utility rebates or incentives. Some Utilities may rebate or provide incentives that result in well under one year paybacks!

Answer 5:

The ADRES system provides for all the control and logic functionality that meets current and most proposed building code requirements. The ADRES HVAC controller provides for optimized economizer control, supply air reset logic, and supports variable frequency drive indoor fan control to name a few.

Answer 6:

The ADRES Control Product Suite does qualify for most any Utility rebate program. The ADRES on-board built-in Measurement and Verification is Utility rebate program proven and accepted.