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ADRES Electric Meter and Submeter

Measure, record and trend your store's energy consumption with the ADRES Submeter!

ADRES Metering and Submetering Product Summary

Electric Metering and Measurement

The ADRES electric submeter is a "bolt-on" self-contained submeter equipped to measure, record and datalog electric energy consumed for the entire building or a subsystem or individual piece of equipment. The ADRES electric meter comes in two versions: a single phase or three-phase model. Applicable voltages supported for the single phase model is up to 240 VAC. The three-phase model will support up to 600 VAC. External current transformers are ordered based on submeter amperage ratings. The ADRES Submeter will store all electric consumption data in 15 minute intervals as well as cumulative overall. The ADRES submeter has an embedded cellular modem that provides the secure and encripted communication link. The data is automatically transmitted daily to the remote servers and can also report real-time consumption upon request. The ADRES Submeter is tied directly to the ADRES Solution to automatically provide the meter data matched to ADRES Controller data to perform a pre- and post-measurement and verification analysis with resulting report.



Demand Response Savings

The ADRES Submeter has the openADR 2.0 automated demand response protocol embedded in the hardware. This allows the store owner and user to participate in the utility demand response programs to reduce the peak utility electrical demand as well as reduce the peak store demand when the utility does not have capacity available.

Automated utility demand response programs can reduce overall load being submetered and controller. The openADR protocol and web browser interface allows you to opt into an upcoming event or opt out and not participate. Store equipment and systems control and resulting savings are both under your control.



ADRES Compatibility

The ADRES Submeter is a bolt-on wireless fully self-contained submeter and load control solution. The ADRES is the perfect fast, easy and inexpensive submetering and control to implement on equipment available to participate in Utility DR events.

The ADRES Submeter is compatible with practically all single and three-phase electrical systems. The ADRES submeter is adapted to virtually any single or three-phase circuits up to 240 VAC single phase and up to 600 VAC three phase. External current transformers are matched to the actual circuit load.

Each individual ADRES Submeter can be wirelessly linked together using the embedded wireless cellular modem and will communicate through the Internet using the exclusive ADRES communication link.

The ADRES Submeter. The ADRES Submeter can be configured to meter and control:

- Single phase load up to 240 VAC

- Three-phase loads up to 600 VAC

- Load control to OpenADR2.0