Save Money and Energy with ADRES Modular Wireless Controls!

Finally a Simple to Install and Operate Solution!


ADRES Chiller Controller (Available 4 Qtr 2015)

Reduce your hotel or building's operating costs with the ADRES Chiller Controls!

ADRES Chiller Controls Product Summary

Energy Savings

The ADRES Chiller controller reduces your energy costs by operating one or two chillers, chilled water pumps and cooling tower motors at the most economical settings throughout the day as temperatures and occupancy varies. The ADRES Chiller operates the chiller(s) on an optimized lead / lag basis keeping the lag chiller off until required. The lead and lag chiller are controller using the ADRES Chilled Water Reset Control logic that modulates the chiller based on actual chilled water supply and return temperatures based on ambient temperature conditions. As the outside ambient temperature is low or dropping, the ADRES Chiller Control will increase the leaving chilled water supply temperature. Thus, the energy being consumed by the chiller will decrease along with energy costs while meeting the building chilled water requirements.

With these savings, you will pay for the ADRES Chiller Control in less than 24 months on a small 100-ton single chiller. ADRES qualifies for most utility energy efficiency rebate programs. Maximize utility rebates with on-board measurement and verification of savings reporting.

ADRES improves your individual Chiller unit energy efficiency up to 20% without sacrificing indoor comfort.



Demand Response Savings

The ADRES Chiller Control has the openADR 2.0 automated demand response protocol embedded in the hardware. This allows the hotel or building owner and user to participate in the utility demand response programs to reduce the peak utility electrical demand as well as reduce the peak store demand when the utility does not have capacity available.

Automated utility demand response programs can reduce overall chilled water system yearly operating costs by 10%. The openADR protocol and web browser interface allows you to opt into an upcoming event or opt out and not participate. Hotel and building equipment and systems control and resulting savings are both under your control.



ADRES Compatibility

The ADRES Chiller Controller is a bolt-on wireless solution. The ADRES is the perfect fast, easy and inexpensive control solution to implement. Retrofit to existing Chiller equipment with the knowledge that new Chiller equipment will be compatiable with the ADRES system.

The ADRES Chiller Controller manages practically all centrifugal, scroll, reciprocating, or absorption chiller systems The ADRES Chiller control provides superior energy savings with integrated utility demand response with the embedded openADR utility interface software.

Each individual ADRES HVAC Control Module can be wirelessly linked together using the on-board embedded local wireless radio modules and will seamlessly communicate through the exclusive ADRES Cellular Internet service using the embedded wireless cellular modem.

The ADRES modular wireless Chiller System Controller. The ADRES Chiller controller can be configured to control:

- Two Chillers

- Centrifugal Chiller

- Reciprocating Chiller

- Scroll Chiller

- Absorption Chiller

- Chilled Water Pumps

- Condenser Water Pumps

- Cooling Tower Pumps