Save Money and Energy with ADRES Modular Wireless Controls!

Finally a Simple to Install and Operate Solution!

Schools and Modular Classrooms

    Let us show you how to save money on your energy bills and take control of your stores.

Deploy a full-time facility control, monitoring and alarm solution that pays for itself!

Key Points

Maintain Comfortable Classroom Temperatures

Maintain desired class room temperature and environmental conditions during school hours. Eliminate overcooling and heating during occupied hours and ensure setback temperatures during unoccupied periods. ADRES will also deliver the latest in new building code ventilation control requirements.

Ensure Classroom Illumination and Desired Ambience

The ADRES lighting controller will interface with all lighting systems to illuminate classrooms on the correct time schedule while maintaining the desired illumination levels. Operate indoor lighting and outdoor security lighting on optimized schedules.

Monitor and Alarm Classroom Systems

Monitor and alarm critical classroom systems and equipment. Send alarms to save money when systems are off-line or down. Receive and review the automated historical trending of the systems.

A bit about the ADRES Solution for your School Classrooms and Modulars

Deploy a full-time resource to monitor, control and alarm your School to reduce energy consumption and demand. Allow the ADRES system to monitor and trend the mechanical and electrical equipment and system efficiencies and alarm when deterioration occurs to avoid equipment shutdown and failures. Interface with single or multiple stores from a simple to use Internet browser interface using a PC, smartphone or tablet. Participate in utility demand response and energy efficiency programs and receive rebate and incentives where available.

The ADRES system is modular in design and can be installed by your current HVAC service contractor that has the skills to troubleshoot packaged HVAC units and possesses the ability to install 24 VAC thermostat controls. As each controller is stand-alone, communicates on a wireless network, and comes with a factory default program, it rivals the ease of a standard thermostat installation without having to perform any programming.

The system is a “bolt-on” solution and can also be expanded at any time by adding additional control modules including HVAC, lighting, sub-metering, or signal monitoring / alarming. When new replacement HVAC or lighting systems are installed, the ADRES controllers can be unbolted from the old unit being replaced and re-installed on the new unit. ADRES qualifies for most equipment leasing and financing plans. The system can be configured to remotely control, monitor and alarm from a central server computer using our secure cellular Internet communication network link and embedded local RF for seamless communication.

The system monitors and records all utility meter and any submetered system data, system operational run times for trending energy, demand consumption, HVAC equipment performance and lighting system energy efficiency calculations.

All data, including real-time system performance data and common control functions, are available through an easy to use web browser interface secured with user name and password authorization to allow access to building and system data from any PC computer, smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection.

ADRES Controller Product Suite

See the types of systems you can control.


Rooftop Packaged HVAC

Compatible with all rooftop packaged HVAC units. Up to four stages of cooling and two stages of heating. Gas Electric, Heat Pump O and B units supported. Economizer and multistage indoor fan speeds.



Each ADRES lighting controller can independently control up to eight zones. A zone may be defined as individual classrooms, teacher's offices and break rooms as well as outdoor outdoor security lighting.


Control, Monitoring and Alarming

Heating hot water control, humidity, classroom labs and other systems can be monitored, alarmed and historically plotted to maintain the conditions set and maintained from the corporate office.